Privacy statement is a label of Outrider B.V. We tell stories in new or unexpected and innovative ways through a host of media like film. On this page you can read about the data we collect and why we do so. This privacy statement can change from time to time.

Data is processed by, which is a label of Outrider B.V. You can find the company details in the footer of this page.

The way we collect your data

When you use we collect your data for a number of reasons. To create an account, you will submit data like your e-mail adress and your chosen password. We collect your IP adress and other information/ data that identifies you as a user as well as payment information so you’re able to purchase access to content. Analytical tools like Google Analytics can also be used to track your use of our site.

How and why we use your data

We use your data in order to:

  1. Give you access to our content through your account.
  2. Provide methods of payment.
  3. Send you mailings about updates to terms, newly released films as well as other commercial mailings.
  4. Analyse usage of our site.
  5. Monitor account usage to make sure it is in accordance with our terms of use.

Ways in which we store / share your data

Data we collect is stored in different ways and shared between several serviceproviders. Some of these are:

  1. Hosting: Our website, e-mail and back-ups are hosted by a hosting provider. They may collect data to facilitate the website technically. Data our website stores are stored on the servers of this hosting provider. Our current hosting provider is a2 hosting.
  2. Mail marketing platform: Mailings are send using a email marketing platform. The moment you are signed onto our mailing list, your e-mail adress is stored on the relevant list within such a platform. You can always sign off of such lists. Our current email marketing platform is Mailchimp.
  3. Site Analytics: We may use analytical software that collects data. Our current provider for analytics software is Google Analytics.
  4. Interactive film technology providers: uses interactive film technology providers and tools to create interactive films. These providers may host the video and can store data. Currently, we use to provide the interactive experience.
  5. Payment provider: We use several payment providers to enable you to make purchases. These providers may store data.

Storage time of data

We store data for long periods of time but aim to do this only as long as necesarry. You can delete your account at any time. Data that we have to collect/ store for legal reasons won’t be deleted by this. Data saved in our email marketing provider, analytics provider, hosting provider and interactive film technology provider is not stored by us and is subject to different terms. If you contact us, information you send like your name, company name, email adress and ip-adress are stored on our mailserver.

Security of your data

We do not make physical copies of your data. Your date is stored in the software and systems previously discussed. Data collected is only accesible through secured systems protected by passwords and/or two-step-authentification. Any devices containing your data are secured through password, fingerprint or two-step-authentification. We always aim to limit the number of places where your data is stored, as well as the number of devices your data is stored on.

While you visit, your connection is protected with an SSL certificate. You can recognise this certificate and check it by clicking the green lock next to the URL.

Your rights

You have the right to ask us to give you insight in the data we have stored. You can do so by emailing us asking to send you a copy of the data we have collected about you. You also have the right to:

  1. Correction of your data if it is invalid.
  2. Deletion of your data (to the extent we are not required by law to store it).
  3. File a complaint with the ruling authority of personal data if you have reason to believe we misuse your data.

We may ask you to identify yourself if you request us to delete or correct your data. You can do so by attaching a scan of a valid passport to your request. We strive to answer any requests within a month.


We have a commercial stake in using your data as we aim to offer or sell you content. Your data will never be sold to a third party. Data collected is the minimal amount of data required to provide our service and monitor its use. You can not use our products and service without us using this data. We use data to contact you, communicate, improve user-experience, monitor the use of our website and service and promote new content.

By submitting your data you understand that we have the right to share or give access to your data if we think it necesarry to act inĀ  accordance with a legal request/ process or to protect the rights, property (intellectual or otherwise), posession or security of us or any person or organisation we work with. If we (feel like we) are required by law to give access to your data we will always try to respect your privacy as much as possible.

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