Interactive short films

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A mysterious theft, a thrilling chase and a second date that threatens to derail. Watch one or all three of our new interactive shorts now!

“Surprising and thrilling at the same time!”

Arnold Stegger

“I didn’t have this much fun for a long time!”

Mark van Uum

“More interactive than I imagined. Great fun!”

Tim de Vries

Rom-com | 15m | replay: 2x | Type: Maze

Spending time with the man of her dreams, this second date turns out ot be a nightmare. Will her secret help her save the day?

Action, drama | 7m| replay: 2x | Type: Effect

When an expensive guitar gets stolen by a homeless man, the shopkeeper gives chase. But this might be more than a simple theft.

Horror, drama | 14m | replay: 3x | Type: Risk

A gruesome war was once fought in the forest they camp in. Locals say an evil spirit still haunts it. What could possibly go wrong?

3 shorts, 30+ m | Type: Maze, Risk, Effect

All of season 1 in a money-saving pack! Enjoy all three shorts film half the price. This pack includes Meant to Be, Knife in the Dark & Case of the Guitar.

Interactive Shorts

Do you want your interactive films to be truly interactive? So do we! Intshorts is a platform where you can watch unique interactive films. With over three choices per minute you’ll be in control. It’s up to you to figure out which choices are vital to the fate of your character and which ones don’t matter all that much.

The shorts feature different ways for you to interact with the films. Sometimes it’s all about finding your way to a happy end. Other times your choices make the difference between life and death. Sometimes the choice is clear. Other times the effect of choices early on will only show later in the film.

All interactive shorts are made by a small team of professionals filmmakers from the Netherlands. Are you ready to interact?


What's Intshorts?

Intshorts is a platform that features unique interactive short films. Our films are highly interactive, with up to three choices a minute. The choices are always simple, yet the outcome of each film may or may not depend on each one!

What does Intshorts cost

You pay a one-time fee to watch a single film or an entire season. You save half by buying the entire season instead of the seperate episodes. You’re free to watch the interactive films as many times as you’d like, provided you don’t share your account.

What do coupons do?

Coupons will give you acces to additional content, like a short behind the scenes. Each season one additional piece of content is released. You can use a different code on every order. Using the coupon code from your favorite influencer supports them as well as us.

How do I interact?

Every decision moment features two options. You have limited time to decide which you’ll choose. Films feature over one choice per minute, so you’ll be in control. It’s up to you to figure out which choices are vital to the fate of your character and make the right ones.

Where can I watch?

You can watch on all computers and mobile devices.

Ready to Interact?